The best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


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Over the past few days many celebrities have been doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in order to raise awareness of ALS.

This Man Has ALS, And His Ice Bucket Challenge Will Make You Laugh. Then It’ll Make You Cry

This is the best one I have seen and the most informative, please share.


No Make Up Selfies Cancer Awarness


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The no make up selfies bought and is still bringing awareness to many and it got people talking and thinking! Many are complaining that most of us did not donate! The selfie was not about just donating but leading to some choosing to donate and making the campaign go viral! It was about awareness and sharing stories. I think it also was nice for woman to come together. I had every intention of donating. Or personally I would not have done it. I donate for many things! It is also nice to see the guys doing their bit although I have not seen many! X x

Light It Up: Reuse Your Candles With The “Rekindle Candlestick” (PHOTOS)

Cheriese Burnett:

This is amazing candles will never be the same again!!!

Originally posted on Global Grind:


It’s the wave of the future! Well, almost.

It’s now the weekend after Valentine’s Day and we know you have a ton of candles everywhere. Sure some of them are almost finished but don’t throw them away just yet.

According to Gizmodo,  designer Benjamin Shine has created a piece that will help you save money (and candles) with the clever ‘Rekindle Candle.’

Here’s how it works. The Rekindle Candlestick Holder takes your candle and creates a new one after it melts. You’re able to keep the mood for as long as you want! The candle won’t last forever, but Shine’s device helps you extend the life of your candles, one light at a time.

Shine’s Rekindle piece comes in stainless steel ,anodised aluminium or porcelain. Check out the candle and his other reusable pieces here.

SOURCE: Gizmodo | PHOTO CREDIT: Benjamin Shine

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